Online Christmas Shopping – beware of scams

Christmas is approaching and more and more of us are buying our gifts online.

But security company Kaspersky Lab have warned against rogue vendors on the Internet that roam on approved platforms.

You should be exercising extreme caution when buying online. Read on to find out what you have to pay attention to, to avoid pre-Christmas Internet rip-off.

The Internet attracts customers with lots of great bargains in the run up to Christmas. In addition, there are more and more campaign days with many price wars. And this brings danger as you are exposed to increased fraudulent traders and potential phishing attacks.

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Beware of online shopping this Christmas

Christmas gifts online shopping can be risky

But what makes buying gifts online for Christmas so dangerous? Where are the dangers? One thing is certain- not only you as an online buyer are jeopardised, even the online retailers themselves are not safe from attacks. The dangers that Kaspersky Lab have said will threaten Christmas shopping:

  • The number of phishing attacks against online shops and payment systems is increasing significantly.
  • Malware is particularly popular on criminals’ campaign days.
  • Trading in counterfeit money cards is booming at Christmas time.
  • The number of hacker attacks on online retailers’ websites is increasing at Christmas time.

Gifts online – tips for safe shopping

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