Trojan “Svpeng” steals bank data

Security experts from Kaspersky Lab have discovered a new variant of mobile Trojan “Svpeng”. The Banking Trojan hides in Google AdSense ads and uses a vulnerability in Google Chrome. Its goal is to tap sensitive data from Android smartphones.

Users load the mobile phone trojan on their smartphone when visiting websites with infected advertisements.  read on to find out how “Svpeng” works exactly and how you can protect yourself. 

magnifying glass scanning android for a infected one

The mobile phone Trojan “Svpeng” infects Android devices via adverts.

Trojan “Svpeng” steals bank data

The Trojan has one primary goal: To access the bank andaccount data of the Android users. However, other sensitive information about the user is also at risk. “Spveng” can gain access to call-responses, texts and multimedia messages, browser bookmarks, and contacts.

The malicious software is usually downloaded unintentionally which is particularly sneaky. The Trojan hides behind Google AdSense ads. The Trojan is downloaded by the user just by visiting a page with an infected advertisement;

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