Microsoft & Talk Talk scams

Microsoft & Talk Talk scams are no joke. They have been going for years and people keep getting caught out by them. It is important that you are not only aware of this potential scam hitting you but also protect your friends, family and parents (if they’re still around).

It begins with a phone call from someone who probably has an Indian accent purporting to be from either Microsoft or Talk Talk. They will tell you that you have a virus on your computer but not to worry because they can help. They will get you to download some software so they can get remote access to your computer.

They will then install some kind of software that looks like it is anti-virus software but it actually isn’t as it is designed to show you have loads of viruses on your computer when you actually don’t.

microsoft scam

They will then tell you that you need to buy the software so that it can remove the virus. This is where things get even worse for you because they get hold of your credit card details. They may tell you that they only need to take £5 but in a case we had last week, the payment taken was almost £500. Luckily the victim checked his bank account and instead of seeing Microsoft or Talk Talk or something similar, it said “Patel”.

Once they have your card details, they will not only take a large payment straight away but can try take subsequent payments as well as sell your card details to even more unscrupulous characters.

talk talk scam

We have also seen that some scammers have corrupted the registry or locked the computer so that it needs a password to boot into Microsoft Windows.

locked computer

Locked computer

However, it doesn’t stop there. As they have remote access to your computer, they can now monitor your computer and record you entering your online bank details. They can see passwords your enter. They could gain access to your email account and then access other secure websites you access.

As a lot of people use the same password to access different websites, they could easily gain access to a variety of websites. Including shopping sites and icloud etc. They could then sell these details on where some other delightful individual could steal your identity and rack up thousands of pounds of debit. I have seen this in the past, they could buy a car, remortgage your house. All in your name but have managed to change your address.

identity theft

So, what may start out as just a small scam and not seem that serious can very quickly escalate to something very nasty and life changing.

What do you need to do?

The first thing you need to do is be aware of this scam. Make your friends and family aware as well, especially people from older generations as they are more vulnerable. These are well organised scams and they are not going away anytime soon because they keep making money. And as they are based in India, it is practically impossible to clamp down on it.

What if I have been a Victim?

If you have had a call from a scammer and have let them onto your computer then you need to immediately shut your computer down. Don’t use it for anything and get it into us or another reputable computer company. Ring us now if this has happened to you – 01926 337 648

Here is your victim checklist:

  1. We need to check and remove any dodgy software from your computer
  2. Check for viruses they have left behind or key logging software
  3. You need to change any main passwords you are using
  4. If you gave out your credit card details, cancel the card immediately and get a replacement with a new number
  5. Change any bank passwords if you have logged in since the scam call
  6. Make sure you have paid for, good anti-virus. We recommend Kaspersky and Panda.
  7. We strongly recommend additional security software like Heimdal which protects DNS traffic and updates your programs automatically. Ask us for more info. This is only £2 a month per computer.
  8. Bring your computer into our shop so we can check it out for you – 22 Park Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4QN

microsoft scam

Just get your computer checked our by a professional before you use it again.

Further info:

I wrote this back in 2012 and it is still just as relevant – Link

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