Byte Sized Book of Business Lessons

…is a book that was written by our MD, Colin Durrant on the lessons he has learned while running multiple small businesses in the UK since 1999. It is a very honest account of his journey and well worth a read.

In this easy-to-understand and easy-to-read book, Colin shares his various experiences and lessons of his 19 year (and counting) journey. Colin grew up in Africa where he started his career in marketing and then moved to a large computer company where he began in sales but quickly moved into a technical role and began training in networking and various Microsoft technologies. However, with with the downward spiral of Zimbabwe’s economy, he had to find a way out and get to the UK in early 1999.

In Jan 2016, he bought Spa Computer Centre, which is a computer company that has been running in Royal Leamington Spa since 1983. This is more of a retail shop so it has been a good learning curve with a different market and dynamic.

He already runs another IT company ( that focuses on delivering support to business customers in the UK. Both companies have grown strongly over the last two years. This little book is, essentially, a number of lessons and experiences that I have had along the way from the beginning.

There is a paperback and kindle version available. Please click below;

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Colin Durrant was born in Rhodesia and has been competing in triathlons at a high level, for almost 30 years. The determination and focus gained from racing, helping with the endeavours of being a successful business owner. The picture below is where he goes swimming all year round in Stoney Cove. Temperatures drop to around 3 degrees in January, hence the gloves!