We have a lot of experience with doing data recovery on various different devices. For example, internal and external hard drives, solid state drives and phones. We also recover data from some iPods.

If your drive has failed and you are not getting anywhere with it then please bring it in and we shall be able to help you. We have two levels of service. The first is a no data no fee where the work is carried out within our shop and not sent away. If we do recover part or all of your data then there is a £55 fee.

Specialist Data Recovery

If a drive is badly damaged then we may need to send it away to our partner who only specialises in data recovery. We will let you know before we do this. You only pay the postage if you don’t wish to go ahead with the data recovery itself. Otherwise you will get a quote for the actual data recovery which again will depend on the extent of the damage to the drive.

We have found in the past that trying to fix the drive yourself can cause more problems and end up costing you more in the long run so it is worth leaving it to the experts.

Why do hard drives fail?

Traditional, physical hard drives (i.e. SATA) have a disc platter or a few platers where the actual data is stored. There is a reader which accesses the data when it is required. The platters spin at high speed (5400 rpm, 7200 rpm, 10 000 rpm or 15 000 rpm) Laptops tend to have 5400 rpm drives as they create less heat, although an SSD (solid state drive) is the preferred way forward.

There is a lot that can be damaged in a hard drive especially if the computer looses power without being shut properly or if the computer is doing a lot of work and then suddenly powers off. Physical hard drives (i.e. non SSD) will always eventually fail due to the fact they have moving parts. It could take a day or 10 years but at some point they will fail.


It is critical you backup your data to another hard drive or the cloud especially if you can’t afford to lose it. Speak to us about backup solutions for your home or business.