So why would you want a home user support contract? At a large company if your computer stops working, the company still keeps runing. If you run your business from home and your computer stops working, your business stops working!

If you’re after some support at home and piece of mind then we have just the thing for you.

If you are a business looking for first class support then click here.

home user support

Home User Support

For a fixed fee of only £19 a month + VAT per user you will get phone, email and remote access support direct from our team of engineers. You can also bring your laptop into one of locations in Leamington if you have a critical hardware issue. i.e. Laptop is dead. All labour will be included as part of your monthly fee. Any parts required will be extra. Call out fee is £69 per hour.

Included in your support package is a small software utility that monitors your machines for any hardware or software errors so that we can proactively fix these for you. It also allows you to click on a button to request support from our skilled and experienced team of tech support engineers.

You are welcome to download our tool for free that monitors your computer for any hardware or software errors. Allows you to easily request support from our team of engineers. (Support may be chargeable)


We have a few other bits we recommend in terms of security and backup i can discuss with you. We keep your applications up to date for security and stability including windows itself. We can schedule any maintenance when you are not using the laptop so it doesn’t inconvenience you.

Our key selling point is that when you ring us, you can generally get through to someone straight away, rather than having to wait hours or days for a call back like some other support companies.