SPA Computers has a team of engineers providing business computer support and a host of other IT services to companies in Leamington and the surrounding areas like Kennilworth, Warwick, Straford Upon Avon, Coventry etc.

IT Support Contracts

We provide business computer support contracts which essentially means we will provide a fully managed IT support service to your business including a guaranteed response (within 2 hours) to any business critical issue. We provide this for a fixed fee based on the numbers of users / machines and servers you have at your site.

This means you don’t have to worry about being charged for every support call to our helpdesk. We monitor all your servers, workstations and other critical devices so that we can pro-actively react to any potential outages before they cause a major outage.

We do monthly reporting on up-time and performance of your core systems. SPA Computers manage the install of Microsoft and other 3rd party security and software updates.

Most importantly, when you have a problem and call us, we answer the phone and provide support to you straight away. We don’t have a long queuing system or an under resourced help-desk.

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Adhoc Support

We do provide as and when support. Some of our smaller clients or clients with an IT support person onsite, only need an extra bit of help as and when they need it. We are always on hand to provide this support and advice. We don’t have a guaranteed response rate as per our support contract clients, but our support team is still on hand to provide support to our valued clients.

You can buy a block of hours that we can call on when you require support so that you don’t have to worry about quotes and payments when you are desperate to get your systems back up and running.

We are flexible as we understand different clients have different requirements so let us know what you are looking for and see if we can accommodate.

When you have a problem, even if you have never used us before, give us a ring and we shall come to your rescue.

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System and Network Monitoring

In order for SPA Computers to deliver business computer support and be pro-active and react quickly to any system or network issues, we utilise 24 x 7 monitoring. The systems we use, alert us if your internet goes down, they alert us if a critical service like SQL or Exchange goes down on your server. Our systems monitor the performance of your server (s) and workstations and alert us if the processor hits a certain peak for a certain amount of time, or the memory use hits 95% for example for more than 15 minutes.

We also get alerts if your hard drive is potentially going to fail. This saves you a huge headache as we can replace it before it goes down and you potentially loose data as well as schedule the replacement at  convenient time rather than waiting for it to fail at a very inconvenient time.