PC Builder

Spa Computers has our very own PC Builder on our website. This allows you to fully configure each component of your new desktop computer. You can select the motherboard you want, the case, hard drive, memory and so on. What is great is that it won’t let you select any components that are not compatible so you can be sure everything will work when we build it for you and deliver it. You can select if you want Microsoft windows installed as well as if you want to spend a lot of money and a high performing graphics card or just a standard one.

PC Builder suggestions

Remember that an SSD is 10 times faster than a standard hard drive so well worth selecting one of those. You can select a small SSD like 128GB or 256GB so keep the cost down but then add a 1 or 2TB second drive to store all your data on. This allows you to keep the cost reasonable but still have a high performing machine with lots of storage.

Graphics card can greatly improve the performance of a machine as well as they do all the graphics processing themselves with its own processor and memory and frees up the system’s main processor for other functions. Even cheap graphics card of around £30 can make quite a big difference to a computer’s performance.

Memory – I would always recommend at least 8GB of memory. This allows effective multi-tasking. More memory is always useful and will help with performance but 8GB is optimal if you are on a bit of a budget.

Please click below to be taken to our PC builder page where you can select all your components and order your new computer



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