Has your Xbox stopped working?

Nothing worse than when you’re really up for playing your favourite game and then your console won’t fire up. Do you rush out and spend a fortune buying a new one or do you have get it fixed for a fraction of the price?

If your games console is not working then bring it into Spa Computers and we can check it out for you.

We can currently repair the following Xbox games consoles.

Common faults we can fix include faulty or damaged lasers, faulty disk players, damaged hard drives as well as damaged mother boards / circuit boards.

If you are looking for an expert technician to find the fault with your Xbox then get in touch with us. We shall also let you know if it is not financially worth repairing your damaged Xbox. If your Xbox 360 or Xbox One is misbehaving or driving you crazy, why don’t you pop in and see us and have a chat with one of our expert technicians? 01926 337 648

With over 35 years repairing electronic equipment and only professional repair equipment as well as OEM (original parts), Spa Computers are able to repair most of the problems that cause the Xbox to fail. We can replace parts like the disc drive, the hard drive, laser parts for the DVD drive and so on.


xbox one dvd drive


You can also get an original Xbox 360 E Power Brick A11-120P2A With UK Power Lead from us if you have a problem with your or you have lost it.

xbox 360 power supply

Our shops are located in Royal Leamington Spa. One is on 22 Park Street, CV32 4QN. The shop front is orange so easy to spot.

Our other shop / workshop is located at 7 Campion Terrace, CV32 5SU. We have a nice big sign above our shop so it is easy to spot.